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  • Jordan I - 1985

    Released in 1985, the Air Jordan I is considered to be a turning point in basketball shoe design. The Air Jordan I takes its form after an earlier shoe by Nike – the Nike Dunk....

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan II - 1986

    The Air Jordan II was released in 1986/87, at which time Michael Jordan averaged 37.1 ppg and became the first NBA player since Wilt Chamberlain to exceed 3,000 points in a season. During the...

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan III - 1987

    Michael Jordan received his first NBA MVP award during the 87-88 NBA season, wearing the Air Jordan III. He also swept the Slam Dunk competition and led the Bulls to its best...

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan IV - 1989

    The Air Jordan IV shoe was first released in 1989, designed once again by Tinker Hatfield. It wasn’t as revolutionary as the first three Air Jordans, but it still became the first released Jordan shoe...

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan V - 1990

    Jordans – Need more info!

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan VII - 1992

    The Air Jordan VII (7) was released in late 1991/early 1992.

    By this time nothing could stop Michael and his confidence must have been at least 110%. The Bulls won their second straight title...

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan VIII - 1992

    The Air Jordan VIII (8) was released in 1992/93.

    The Bulls got their third consecutive NBA title. Jordan himself got his seventh straight scoring title and reached a milestone in his NBA...

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan IX - 1993

    The first Jordan release after his retirement. It was also made as a baseball cleat that MJ used during his Post-Bulls baseball days.

    The White/Red/Black version MJ wears for 1 scene in Space Jam.

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan X - 1994

    Made to honor the return of MJ.

    MJ wore this shoe in his 1st comeback after he annouced “I’m Back”!

    Regarded as one of the most plain Air Jordans or the Zebra Jordans

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan XI - 1995

    The Air Jordan XI is one of the most popular Air Jordan of all time and one of the most sought after sneakers of all time. These were the shoes Jordan wore during his first...

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan XII - 1996

    A sleek shoe very comfortable. Comes in different colors like red and black, white and gray and also it comes in low top in dark blue and a cream white. The Air Jordan XII...

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan XIII - 1997

    The Air Jordan 13’s are said to be Michael Jordans favorite shoe out of all of them. They were released in 1997/1998. They have very good cushioning along with breathability. This was the same time...

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan XIV - 1998

    This shoe was a revolutionary part of his career blending in 1-13. It is still worn by his fans and people all over the world. Their over 10 colors of the 14 including his Bulls...

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan XV - 1999


    $ 93.00

  • Jordan XVI - 2000

    First Air Jordan to have the removable shroud concept and had a patent leather toe.

    Was the Air Jordan shoe Michael used in his first game (pre-season) in his 2nd comeback.

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan XVII - 2001

    This Jordan was the most expensive Jordan ever in the series retailing at $200. The shoes first came out in a white/blue colorway and came with a metal suitcase and CD to accompany the shoes.


    $ 93.00

  • Jordan XVIII - 2002

    A very comfortable shoe and the last shoe MJ would ever play a professional game in. The first release was Black/Royal. All Colorways released came with emroided towels reading “Air Jordan” and the famous Jumpman...

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan XIX - 2003

    Modeled After the Black Mamba Snake this is the first Jordan release after his third, and final, retirement.

    $ 93.00

  • Jordan XX - 2004

    Air Jordan XX feature a leather strap which contains icons representing the history of Jordan.

    It was the first design involving Tinker Hatfield since the XVI, the design was inspired by cycling shoes.


    $ 93.00

  • Jordan XXI - 2006

    The Air Jordan XXI was released on February 18th during the NBA All-Star Weekend in white/black/red color way with the red/black color way to be released on February 25th, 2006. It costs about...

    $ 93.00